Warehouse Management System

Our Warehouse management application is a web based one. It helps to automate the day-to-day warehouse operations in a warehouse. It enables centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels, stock locations, inward and outward details.

Some of the key features are,

  • It has got admin panel for warehouse owner/company
  • Access for warehouse users
  • It is multi-company, multi country
  • stock and Invoice creation
  • future of invoice is independent of stock module, but created automatically from inventory.
  • user admin can change the name of customer or user company name without effecting stock data
  • customer can create advance outward request with delivery and a/c for party name.
  • calculate rent and loading /unloading charges. There can be separate invoice for rent and labour
  • Stock can be seen online by customer
  • Reports generated are based on crysal reports- standard and used worldwide with ERP soluctions including that of SAP
  • The application also has doc tracking system. It also generate inward and outward doc numberwise and in quantitywise also.
  • Can be customized based on customer’s requirement