Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. With our VTS, we help business owners find new and innovative ways to grow, to be more productive and delight customers with better service. With our innovative vehicle tracking solutions, you can have a more complete picture of what happens in the field and use that knowledge to improve business. We transform the complex business process into simple, easy-to-understand information with the click of a button, which enables you to have the knowledge and confidence to make the right decision at the right time.

With effective use of VTS, you can,

Increase Productivity

VTS tracking can increase productivity for your business. As a fleet manager or business owner, you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. VTS make your job easier and more productive. With VTS,

  • know where your vehicles are without calling the drivers
  • Assign more jobs
  • Reduce human error with automated time sheets
  • Get reports emailed automatically

Reduce Fuel Cost

Control of Fuel cost is an integral element for doing business successfully. VTS can increase fuel efficiency of vehicle by identifying whether there is any room for improvement. Once you know where fuel is slipping through the cracks, you can take steps to reduce your fuel costs.

Fleet tracking can help you reduce fuel costs in several ways:

  • Reduce vehicle speed
  • Decrease idle times
  • Improve routing and dispatching
  • Proper maintenance of vehicles
  • Integration with fuel cards

Reduce Labour Costs

Once you have VTS, you will automatically end up having lesser Labour to man the business. You can eliminate time sheet fraud and high overtime costs – and spend less time doing paperwork. You will have access to information like.

  • Actual hours a vehicle is in operation
  • Daily actual start and finish times
  • Hours worked Days worked
  • Average daily hours and weekly totals

Reduce Fleet Operating Expenses

With VTS, you can increase productivity across the board while drastically reducing costs from fleet operations:

  • Reduce vehicle breakdowns
  • Trim unnecessary fuel costs
  • Cut excessive overtime pay
  • Decrease wear and tear on trucks by increasing route efficiency
  • Avoid adding staff as business grows by making your team more efficient
  • Potentially lower insurance costs