School Bus Management Solution

This solution is devised keeping in mind the safety and security of school children who travel on a school bus and it uses the technology of GPS and a GSM/GPRS data/voice communications device to get "Real time feed" on the whereabouts of the children as well as the respective bus/ vehicle.

This system allows parents to remotely log into a website to monitor the travel status of a particular bus via home computer or any handheld device with Internet access. The user is able to check on the bus location and to estimate the time it would take for the bus to arrive at its various destinations along its route. Other relevant authorized parties such as the IT/ Software/ BPO’s/ KPO’s or Bus Operator are also able to use this system to do an online status check on any bus with the Vehicle Tracking system installed onboard.

As each person/ IT staff who boards the bus/ Van/ Car, they are required to tap their RFID card on a RFID reader. Each student's card is embedded with a passive RFID electronic chip that transmits its unique ID to the RFID reader. This data is then read by the black box and in turn the staff information is displayed on the backend system.

In the event should any bus/ Vehicle break down by the road, the system would also be able to activate the system to transmit a distress call providing its location with the help of a panic button. This would enable an immediate response for recovery crew to go onsite to repair the bus or to bring in a replacement bus to take over its passengers, thus avoiding any unnecessary delays and concerns by all parties involved. This real-time online information reporting system would give assurance and peace of mind to both the authorities of the IT/ Software/ BPO’s/ KPO’s as well as enhance the quality of service by the respective bus operators.

The vehicle tracking solution allows vehicle operators and drivers to communicate in real-time over-the-air mode via GPRS and GSM. A key component of such a system is the in-vehicle hardware unit called black box. The VMH unit is the vital link to the backend system through its built-in GSM/GPRS modem. In addition, tracking of the vehicles are also made possible by the built-in GPS receiver on the black box which transmits the location details to the backend tracking system using GPRS modem.

There are various optional modules that can provide instantaneous information on the vehicle location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) to anxious IT staff or the authorities using SMS. Alternatively, users may also log in to a website that allows parents and teachers to locate a vehicle and its passengers on a map view