Inventory Management System

Inventory Management system developed by Technomeet is a web based one. It is aimed at automating the complete process of inventory management viz-a-viztracking of inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It also has functionalities like creation of work order, bill of materials and other production related documents. It combines the use of your computer, the software, barcode scanners, mobile devices etc., to streamline the management of inventory

Main functionalities are,

  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive, relocate, adjust, & dispose inventory
  • Create sales orders
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Physical inventory counts and cycle counts
  • Create, run, schedule and share reports
  • Print barcode labels

Key Benefits are,

It improves your Bottom Line- you will spend less time on inventory control, and reduce understock and overstock.

Improve Accuracy - Eliminate data entry errors by using mobile barcode scanners to scan stock item barcodes.

Improve Company Workflow - Share inventory data across the organization, delegate and standardize inventory control tasks.