Employee Attrition Monitor

We provide HR Intelligence Solutions to Business Houses. HR Intelligence we mean is providing Automated Employee Attrition Indicator, Attrition Cause Finder, Where your maximum employees go to and from where you recruited more people from, Centralized Exit Interview Process, Employee Satisfaction Survey, Talent Spot Hunt, Interview Scheduling, etc.

With employee attrition rates going up the graph at an unprecedented pace, it has become imperative that a gap is not created by retaining existing performing employees or; the gaps in organizations be filled quickly by sourcing the right candidate for the right job. Online Employee Attrition Indicator has gained momentum as it keeps low costs and provides a broad spectrum of Employee Details to the Management on a continuous basis.

Employee Attrition Indicator is one of its kind in the world to provide online Attrition Monitoring Services. This service helps all the business houses to retain their existing staff. This service also helps maintain excellent employee - employer relations.

This information helps the employers especially a corporate to retain employees and/or planning the recruitment process in advance. We update the database on a continuous basis to keep you update with the latest information.

Totally automated solutions provide in-depth analytical dashboards pertaining to employee information at various levels. Custom specific information can be analyzed and provided on the fly.

We cater our HR Intelligence Solutions to a large number of Business Organizations.